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Action Issues
These pages are devoted to "action" issues and broken into water and land related issues.

RGMC asks Govenor's Cabinet to support local land-use ordinances in case of Bonita Bay Group vs. City of Bonita Springs re: Eagle's nest habitat. (May 26, 2008)

Letter to NPS from Attorney Dickman regarding NPS Land exchange (Dec 7, 2007)

Letter from Throgmartin Attorney to NPS regarding land exchange (Nov 29, 2007)

Letter to National Park Service (12/30/07) regarding lands from Centennial Park

RGMC's Lawsuit Against THE VUE

RGMC's criteria for FGCU's 3rd president (Sent to FGCU BOT 1/25/07)

RGMC in the News

Land Action Issues

Affordable Housing

CR 951, Roads & Sprawl


Pine Island

Bayshore Community Plan

Babcock Ranch

Water Action Issues

Water as a public TRUST

Drinking water issues

"Estero Bay at a Crossroads"
written by RGMC board member Matt Bixler
published in WGCU's Expressions Magazine

Impaired Waters Listing

Red Tide Study

Water Reservations

Gulf in Peril

Estero Buffer

Highlights of Actions from 1988 to March 2003