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Land Action Issues

Affordable Housing CR 951, Roads & Sprawl DR/GR Pine Island Bayshore Community Plan Babcock Ranch

Bald Eagle Habitat Protection

State ready to weigh in on future of rural expanse in south Lee County (NDN 12/29/09)

RGMC supports MPO’s bid for Mass transit right of way acquisitions (Sept 4, 2009)

RGMC speak on Del Proado Expressway (Aug 31, 09)

RGMC opposes rezoning request of the RCH mine  (Aug 21, 2009)

More opposition to Edison Farms site for Red Sox spring home (NDN 2/9/09)


RGMC asks Town of Big Cypress stay on North end of property (November, 2008)


Stoneybrook North-Letter from the Conservancy (Aug 13, 2008) about concerns with model, request SFWMD to postpone any decision at this time.

RGMC Joins in Appeal of court decision denying "standing" in VUE case - issue effects many environmental issues (July, 2008)
One basis for the rehearing request is that the Appeal Court had “so narrowly defined” the RENARD historical case to relate to cases to where “proximity is the only factor in the test for standing.”  The 1972 RENARD case is questioned by the local not for profits as to relevancy today, given changes in population, planning and the enactment of mandatory growth management by the Florida Legislature in 1985.  

Mining stands alone on environmentally sensitive issue (NDN July 3, 2008)

Joint letter on Glades County EAR (Jan 8, 2008)

RGMC's Lawsuit Against THE VUE

VUE appeal filed by City of Fort Myers (11/26/07) appealing standing of RGMC

The VUE Lawsuit- opposing intrusion on National Park Service funded acquisition of Centennial Park- Downtown Fort Myers (Nov. 15, 2007)

Letter of Appreciation to VUE litigation sponsors W. Wright and C Bigelow (Nov 19, 2007)

VUE litigation outcome (Oct 26, 2007)

From wetlands sprang a campus: FGCU came at an environmental cost (Bonita Banner 8/13/07)

RGMC's Lawsuit Against THE VUE

RGMC Letter to Gov Crist on Everglades Coal Plant (May2007) 

RGMC opposed the proposed Coal-fired power plant at the headwaters of the Everglades Letter to Glades County (Feb 2007)

Collier commissioner proposes uses rezoning power to limit growth
Brent Batten: Zoning may be key to preventing golf course rebirth (NDN 2/16/06)

Higher Education Letter to Editor: Chair of Edison College's Charlotte Campus Foundation says "The suggestion that Edison College and FGCU cannot exist independently of one another in a community like Charlotte is absurd." (Sun Herald 2/26/06)

Stock Development and Kitson & Partners among six bidding to build Murdock Village (Sun Herald 2/24/06)

Group blasts wildlife official's promotion (NDN 2/4/06)

Could Smart Growth Tip the Next Presidential Election?
Strategists take note as Virginia’s new governor tackles sprawl
(Michigan Land Use Institute 1/21/2006)

Lee forum focuses on growth issues (NDN 1/21/06)

Lee group offers support to transit authority plan (NDN 1/21/06)

FGCU BOT hears update on developers’ gift of 150 acres in Charlotte County

Developers’ gift to FGCU of 150 acres in Charlotte County also includes $5 million, plus transfer fees for home sales and re-sales

Proposed FGCU campus doesn't fit comprehensive plan, says planner (Sun Herald 1/9/06)

Group struggles with coastal building (NDN 1/6/06)

Former development company employee charged with destroying eagle nest (NDN 1/5/06

Estero civic group is thinking green (NDN 1/2/06)

Managing growth a must, Sides agree on concept, argue over details NP 3/6/05

Power Point Presentation for the Florida HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Growth Management Committee 2/4/05

Position Paper: House of Representatives Growth Managment Committee
February 4, 2005 at FGCU-- RGMC comments.

RGMC's Letters of objection to the Annexations of Fort Myers Penzance Triangle (Parker-Daniels and Palomino)

Letter of objection to Bonita Springs DR/GR Annexation signed by numerous conservation organizations.


Lee County material on the DR/GR (Density Reduction/Groundwater Resource

Miami-Dade mining ruling could affect cost of Collier, Lee projects (NDN (8/7/07)

Study of DR/GR land in rural Lee County to get under way (Bonita Banner 8/3/07)

Now's thetime to stand up to developers

Developer eyes water recharge area (NDN 3/23/05)

Request for Inclusion of a comprehensive study of the DR/GR in the 2004 Lee County EAR

Future of the DR/GR Area in Southeast Lee County July 31, 2003

DR/GR zoning changes for Miromar are a remarkably inconsistent with the Lee Plan and incompatible with the University Community designation.

RGMC's EAR Adoption Hearing Comments by Sharon Kuchinskas Aug. 26, 2004

Bonita council unanimously agrees to annex 1,268 acres of mining land (BDN 05/27/03)

Stuart steps down from Lee planning agency after 10 years (BDN 12/02/02)

Community Plans

Pine Island

Suit against Pine Island Community Plan coastal rural designation was dropped. Commissioners are expecting a compromise proposal at the Nov. 23 BoCC meeting in the hopes of preventing future Burt Harris claims.
(News-Press Nov. 16, 2004)

Here's the official notice that the Nov. 29- Dec. 3 hearing has officially cancelled.

The Division of Administrative Hearings meeting about the Pine Island Challenge (RUSSELL M. SETTI
vs. LEE COUNTY AND DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY AFFAIRS) has now been scheduled for Nov 29-Dec 3, 2004. This link to the DCA contains the docket of the hearing process.

Attorney's Reese and Brooks evaluation of the Hanson Report.
This joint legal opinion from attorneys Tom Reese and Ralf Brookes describes six erroneous real estate value assumptions in the Hanson report and opining that the report does not provide a basis for Bert Harris Act claims against Lee County.

The Board of County Commissioners now have an agenda item for September 27, 2004 in response to Hanson economic assessment (this item had originally been scheduled for August 24).

Pine Island 910 Rule

Phil Buchanon's explanation of Pine Island 810/910 rule

Request for enforcement of 801/910 Rule by Phil Buchanon.

The Conservancy of SW FLA comments about the 910 Pine Island rule.

Pine Island Community Plan NEWS (maintained by Bill Spikowski)
Here is the assessment of economic impact of implementing the 2003 update to the Pine Island Plan, prepared by Hanson Real Estate Advisors.

The County Staff response to concerns raised by Wayne Daltry with the Hanson Advisors report.

The Lee County Planning division response to County Attorney Tim Jones' query for a response to Hanson's remarks about Wayne Daltry's concerns with Hanson's report.

Bill Spikowski's letter to the commissioner about the upcoming meeting regarding the Pine Island Plan amendment and Hanson Report.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida's letter to the BoCC regarding the Sept. 28th Community Plan meeting.

Here is a request for "text change" that has been held in abeyance since then because NO amendments could be processed until the EAR was complete. The actual proposal is a text amendment for a "technical correction to 810 and 910 trip threshold in Policy 14.2.2 based on data and analysis provided by LCDOT in 2002." This amendment resurrects a previous Lee DOT proposal that would have delayed the 810 rule for about 18 more years.



Bayshore Community Plan

The RGMC letter requesting denial of the zoning changes for Heritage Creek Development in Bayshore because they are not in agreement with the community plan.

The Concerned Citizens of Bayshore, whose purpose it to educate the community and use media resources to promote public awareness of the environment, community character, sense of place, and pride in the north east Lee County area.

Here is a link to the Bayshore Backyard homepage a site designed by Laura Alverez, a local resident, who created and maintains the site for residents to participate in the discussions and events in the Bayshore Community. Registration is required for some functions. She invites you to enjoy your time there as it is your neighborhood and your website!


Babcock Ranch

RGMC opposes Babcock Ranch Amendment to Lee County Commissioners (Sept 23, 2009)

RGMC joins in support of two citizens' successful fight with developers (Sept 12, 2009)

Newspaper Editorial: "Restrictions on board keep Babcock Ranch from fulfilling its promise" (Charlotte Sun Herald Dec. 12, 2007)

Babcock Ranch GM (Charlotte Sun Herald Dec. 12, 2007)

Army Corp Public Notice #70330-5 regarding Babcock Ranch

RPC receives Babcock proposal for review (NDN 2/27/07)
Plans for developing Babcock Ranch have been submitted to the Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council. Kitson's already put much of the application on his Web site, www.babcockranchflorida.com

"Disturbing Developments" Letter to the editor by board member Alissa Bierma

"Green Pieces" Governing Magazine, August 2006

Sierra Club settlement with Babcock project criticized (BDN 7/27/06)

Three groups join Sierra Club in Babcock Ranch appeal (BDN 7/7/06)

RGMC's Press Relese re: Sierra's Babcock Ranch Challenge (7/6/06)

Sierra Club will file challenge to Babcock today (NP 6/16/06)

Babcock Sprawl Threatens Old Florida (NP 4/17/06)

RPC staff critical of Babcock Plan" (Sun Herald 2/25/06)

Public pleads with developer to preserve Babcock (NDN 2/14/06)

Responsible Growth Management Coalition, Inc. in favor of the proposal to pay an additional about 1.8 million for 28.5 acres of "Transitional" Lee County land in thr Babcock deal" (2/20/06).

“Ideas abound on saving Babcock wildlife” (CHARLOTTE SUN HERALD 1/27/06)

Newspaper Editorial: “Facing reality on Babcock Ranch”

County approves proposed changes to state law (NDN 1/25/06)

Letter to State Representatives urging purchase of entire Babcock Ranch (RGMC 3/13/05)

Babcock Preservation Partnership

Babcock Ranch Acquisition Effort SWF Regional Planning Council


Endangered species - Habitat

Wildlife agency revises panther plan (NDN2/1/06)

Water Action Issues

Roads and Sprawl/CR 951