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Water Action Issues
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A coalition that endorses responsible growth must consider the impacts of growth on the water that sustains us. Our primary goal is to ensure that development occurs in a manner that will maintain an economically and environmentally viable system here in southwest Florida, where the unique and irreplaceable relationship between the land and the water can be severely altered by mankind's activities. These pages are dedicated to presenting ideas and information to help inform and engage the citizens as stakeholders about the variety of issues that we must consider as we develop our irreplaceable landscape.

Already the vast majority of Outstanding Florida Waters in southwest Florida are listed as "impaired" due to excesses of pollutants or deficiencies in oxygen content. The Gulf in our region is experiencing more frequent and longer duration red tide events and the Caloosahatchee is barely able to meet the numerous demands of the various groups who need its waters, including the environment itself. These pages attempt to help you become better informed about the issues and encourage you to participate more fully in the process of civic engagement that produces the policies and procedures that are influencing water quality as we seek to achieve responsible growth.

Water Action Issues

RGMC maintains opposition to destruction of mangroves at Harbour Pointe (March 27, 2009) in letter to Army Corp

RGMC voices concerns regarding  Troyer Brothers mine (SAJ 2008- 3793 (IP hwb))  to Army Corp (March 31, 2009)

State gets more time on creating water quality standards (NDN 2/6/09)

Cietus Boat Lift

EPA ducks duty to keep water clean By CARL HIAASEN (06-15-2008)

Scientist: Horse Creek monitoring a sham (Sun-Herald 3/16/08)

21st Century Waterfall (you tube video about bottled water, 2007)

Fertilizer nutrient limits should mean healthier Florida waters (NDN 9/5/-7)

Proposed Changes in the Well Protection Ordinance (letter to LPA 8/27/07)

RGMC opposes Bocilla Seaport Marina (letter to SFWMD 8/21/07)

At long last, Lake O becomes state priority (Palm Beach Post Editorial (8/10/07)

Water managers for state begin to stem growth (Palm Beach Post (8/7/07)

North Collier development deal reached, fight moves to federal level (Naples Daily News 7/28/07)

Fertilizer feeds the water beasties (Sarasota Herald Tribune 3/1/07)

Hearing on long-running wetlands battle gets under way (NDN 2/27/07)
The challenge over a permit for Saturnia Falls is part of a larger campaign by environmental groups to preserve a natural path for water the groups say is getting choked off by development.

Please, don't feed the bad algae (Capt Wayne Genthner, the Longboat Key charter boat captain, 2/25/07)

So what can we do about red tide? (Ericf Ernst, Sarasota Herald Tribune, 2/25/07)

RGMC's remarks on Tapegrass losses in the Caloosahatchee (2/11/07)

RGMC supports M. Daltri's of Riverwatch's concerns about water quality in the Caloosahatchee (2/1/07)

Planning council creates subcommittee to oversee Caloosahatchee (Bonita Banner 2/17/06)

Judah: County should consider buying Weeks Fish Camp (Banner 2/14/06)

Relief needed for Lake Okechobee issues (Bonita Banner 2/9/06)

Water district might take over Mirasal flowway job (NDN 2/8/06)

Report outlines to-do list to improve Caloosahatchee River (NDN 2/7/06)

Proposal cuts ocean research (NDN 2/7/06)

Bush gets D+ on ocean policy (NDN 2/4/06)

Guest commentary: Area water managers do not toss funding at that many problems (NDN 1/22/06)

Officials worry poor water quality could drive tourists away permanently (NDN 1/7/06)

Lake Okeechobee: Our rivers are captive to monied interests (NDN 12/18/05)

RGMC letter to hearing Examiner regarding Harbour Pointe at South Seas Resort application from Mariner Properties Development Inc., Plantation Development (4/8/05)

RGMC-SFWMD letter re: The Harvey Harper Methodology for Stormwater Retention

The RGMC signed on to this letter opposing the proposed DEP rule that allows significant increase of boat slip densities and intensity of use of Florida's waters.

Peer review of the Harvey-Harper methodology

Peer Review of
Evaluation of Alternative Stormwater Regulations for Southwest Florida
Executive Summary

The most recent consumption advisories for fish in Florida waters

Turning Oceans into Tap Water
Desalination promises to rescue sprawling communities in dire need of freshwater. Is that a good idea?

Impaired Waters List

Lee to study 150 square miles set aside to protect groundwater and avoid sprawl (BDN 6/1/03)

Red Tide Study

Results delayed on study of river's runoff, red tide (NDN 2/10/06)

Lee, coastal cities to pay $38,000 for red tide study (BDN 4/29/04)

Water Reservations
For a local perspective about water resources needs your best resource could be the Southwest Florida Watershed Council (http://www.swfwc.org/) We have been working with them to support their work toward water reservation status for the Caloosahatchee.

Gulf in Peril

The Public Citizen has created a webpage that provides a wealth of information about The campaign to keep water as a public trust. The way they examine the National perspective and their clarity in presenting the issue is well worth the time to peruse their website http://www.citizen.org/cmep/Water/
The site has excellent resources to help keep you informed and active in this important issue.

Estero Buffer

Letter to FDEP addressing Estero Buffer


Land Action Issues