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EPA: Seven local waterways more polluted than previously thought (BDN 7/23/03)

Lee to study 150 square miles set aside to protect groundwater and avoid sprawl (BDN 6/1/03)

Bonita council unanimously agrees to annex 1,268 acres of mining land (BDN 05/27/03)

Lee officials look for way to thwart Fort Myers council's growth plan (BDN 05/26/03)

Responsible growth group looks for ways to save Estero Bay (BDN 2/11/03)

Letters to the editor
Friday, November 29, 2002

Kick those bad habits

Editor, Naples Daily News:

I ask the present Lee County Commission to maintain its resolve against what has become institutionalized enthusiasm for uncontrolled growth in Florida and not allow further zoning changes that foster uncontrolled growth.

Lee has a relatively strong comprehensive plan that is effective in guiding growth in a sustainable manner; however, every change weakens this document.

Our rate of growth is faster than Mexico or India, and Florida uses more water per capita than any other state in the country. We have been in drought conditions for the past several years, with mandatory water restrictions, yet permits are issued for residential developments and golf courses that will put in more wellfields to dry up our water resources.

It is clear that careful oversight of the process is necessary to maintain the quality of life for all the residents. Any further zoning changes that increase the demand on the already stressed water supply will not be ones we can make up for later.

Lee County commissioners have the important responsibility of being at the heart of local government of, by and for the people. It is up to them to preserve the quality of life for the public interests at large.

We understand the rights of individual property owners; yet, we cannot remain addicted to uncontrolled growth.

We look to the commission to follow the growth-management rules in place, and to the residents of Lee County to actively participate in public hearings so the commission knows our concerns and desires.


Caroline LeGette/Sanibel
President, Responsible Growth Management Coalition

Stuart steps down from Lee planning agency after 10 years (BDN 12/02/02)

State adds two Estero Bay tributaries to list of polluted waters (BDN 10/03/02)  

State finalizes polluted waters list (BDN 10/02/02)

Editorial: Group right to challenge water reclassification

Group challenges on waterways' status

Group seeks more pollution protection for Estero Bay tributaries (BDN 09/20/02)
Several SW Florida waterways have been dropped from 'impaired' list (BDN 09/16/02)

Environmentalists, developers at odds over building in DRGR lands 
Bonita Daily News 9/15/02


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