Lee County Hearing Examiner

1500 Monroe St., Room 218, Ft. Myers, FL 33902-0398

July 31, 2003

RE:  Zoning Case number: DCI 2001-00038

Bayshore Community Plan /Proposed Heritage Creek Development


On behalf of the Responsible Growth Management Coalition, we ask you to deny the proposed Heritage Creek Development zoning changes requested in Bayshore.  We believe that this rezoning request is inconsistent with the Bayshore Community Plan, which was adopted by the Lee County Board of County Commissioners in January of 2003.   The proposed development is inconsistent and incompatible with the land use and community character as described in Goal 20 of the Bayshore Community Plan.  Additionally, the intense development proposed fails to adequately address issues related to traffic, flooding, noise and lighting, all of which are inconsistent with the rural community plan for Bayshore.  Popash Creek, which borders one side of the proposed development, is already listed as impaired by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on the Draft Verified List of Impaired Waters for the Caloosahatchee Basin.  In addition to not providing for adequate protection of environmental resources including habitat for a variety of protected species, intense development of this area will further impair local waterways.

We understand the importance of the rights of individual property owners; yet, the residents of the Bayshore Community are striving to plan for the future of their rural community and they have the right to expect the recently adopted community plan will be followed. Please follow the growth management rules in place and recommend that the BOCC deny this rezoning.

President RGMC