Michael Andoscia

                                                                        Responsible Growth Management Coalition

                                                                        P.O. Box 1826

                                                                        Fort Myers , Florida 33902

                                                                        April 23, 2003


(Address to be added)


Dear Senator/Representative:


This letter is in regard to significant concerns about HB1005/SB2200.  This bill will eliminate provisions in Florida Water Law that allow the Water Management Districts of Florida Department of Environmental Protection to reserve water from consumptive use, permitting that it is necessary for the health of fish and wildlife and for public health and safety.


Currently the South Florida Water Management District is moving towards creating a water reservation for the Caloosahatchee to provide more fresh water to the estuary.  The provision would also be used in other parts of Southwest Florida to protect our waterways for the benefit of the natural environment that is so important to our standard of living.


The bill will also cause problems for Everglades ’s restoration because the state reservation provision was recognized in the federal implementing legislation as the means to ensure that “new” water from restoration projects is allocated for nature first.


The Responsible Growth Management Coalition is against this bill.  We request that you vote against this or any such measures in the future.






Michael Andoscia M.A.

President RGMC