Michael Andoscia

                                                                        Responsible Growth Management Coalition

                                                                        P.O. Box 1826

                                                                        Fort Myers , Florida 33902

                                                                        April 23, 2003


(Addresses to be added)


Dear Senator/Representative:


Recently a disturbing bill passed the State House of Representatives and will be presented in the Senate.  The bill in question is House Bill 1793.  this bill will take dedicated revenues that have traditionally gone directly to Florida conservation trust funds and will deposit them into the General Revenue Fund.  A companion bill will soon (as of this writing) be filed in the State Senate.


A significant portion of this dedicated money funds the Conservation and Recreational Lands (CARL) trust fund.  The CARL program has been responsible for significant gains in protecting endangered and threatened wildlife habitat around the state. 


This proposal will strip most environmental trust funds of their designated revenues.  It will put Florida ís land conservation programs at risk.  For this reason the Responsible Growth Management Coalition strongly opposes this bill.  We, and those we represent, request that you vote against this and any such measures that may jeopardize Florida ís conservation goals. 







Michael Andoscia M.A.

President RGMC