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Roads and Sprawl

RGMC offers a "TODAY" viable alternative to a new "FUTURE" interchange with I-75 (Sept, 16, 2009)

RGMC supports MPO’s bid for Mass transit right of way acquisitions (Sept 4, 2009)

RGMC speak on Del Proado Expressway (Aug 31, 09)

RGMC cites need for directional signs (Aug 31, 2009)

RGMC on Roads March 16, 2009

RGMC opposed increased tolls (and leasing) on Alligator Alley November, 2008

RGMC speaks in favor of retaining marked bike paths on Lee County Roads (June 12, 2008)

RGMC asks FDOT to consider HOV lanes for I-75 lane expansion (March 25, 2008)

RGMC supports light rail over tolling on I-75 (Nov. 8, 2007)

Trans Weekly Coconut Road Article (9/05/07)

Florida County Says 'No Thanks' to $10 million Earmark (Washington Post online 8/17/07)

Report shows someone edited federal transportation bill Study: Phrase 'Coconut Road interchange' slipped into $10M earmark after congressional vote (Bonita News 8/9/07)

RGMC letter to Gov. Crist regarding FDOT's Heartland Express Corridor Action Plan (3/2/07)

Diverse groups coalesce to fight for environment (Editorial: Interstate 75/Coconut Road NDN 2/17/07)

Joint position statement from conservation organizations on CR951 and Coconut Road Interchange" (March 14, 2006)

JOINT POSITION STATEMENT on Coconut Road Interchanges at I-75 and 951

Estero group to fight for further study on 951 routes (NDN 7/16/05)

951 workshop draws crowd (NDN 7/13/05)

County defends CR 951 plans to Estero residents (NDN 7/13/05)

951 workshop draws crowd (NDN 7/13/05)

Lee officials say alternative routes for CR 951 just won't work (NDN 6/25/05)

Future of CR951 discussed by Lee commissioners" (NDN 6/21/05)

Estero to Lee County: Re-study proposed C.R. 951 extension (NDN 6/18/05)

Road planners: 951 extension may veer away from Bonita's homes (NDN 6/15/05)

Estero Bay advisers agree to build C.R. 951 away from environmental land (NDN 5/10/05)

Groups battle over 951 corridor (NDN 3/15/05)

C.R. 951 proposals rejected News Press 2/17/05

Bonita Springs City leaders want plans for 951 extension pushed east NDN (2/17/05)

Lee commissioner: Planned 951 extension could still move east (NDN 2/11/05)

Estero residents protest proposed CR 951 extension (NDN 2/9/05)

CR 951 Extension routes fuel heated debate

The RGMC's position on the CR951 proposal

Consultants present options for CR 951 extension (NDN 5/27/04)


RGMC opposes an elevated10-lane Colonial Blvd. in Fort Myers (Dec 10, 2007)

Newspaper Editorial: "I-75 -- Proper Sequence, After All" (Banner 2/26/06)

Guest Opinion: Resident of The Brooks says study of Coconut Road interchange should go forward (Banner 2/26/06)

Commissioner Ray Judah proposes Coconut Road interchange compromise" (Banner 2/25/06)

Editorial: Interstate 75/Coconut Road (Banner 2/24/06)

Judah favors limited study of Coconut interchange (Banner 2/14/06)

2020 Lee County Metropolitan Planning Feasibility Map PDF file

Pay as your grow:
Wal-Mart agrees to $3 million loan to help speed up widening of U.S. 41 (NDN 1/21/06)

DOT: Toll mulled for I-75 (NDN 1/21/06)

Guest commentary: I-75 interchange proposal from another perspective (NDN 1/22/06)

Coconut Road overpass: Here's another look (NDN 1/15/06)

Safe road crossings for panthers goal of study (NDN 1/15/06)

Lee: Move quickly on land purchase for road extensions (NDN 1/10/06)

Developers may have to pay $5M before building on U.S. 41 (BDN 1/8/06)

Estero group supports I-75 interchange (BDN 1/8/06)

Road planners grapple for share of $32 million (NDN 7/16/05)


In April of 2008, a new organization incorporated to address development in the Alva/Olga area of Lee County. The group incorporated with a board of directors consisting of a single member (Tom Mulling) and began with $5000 in shares from a trustee in Fort Lauderdale. One of their first events was a meet and greet at the Verandah in North Fort Myers in June of 2008 with the Bonita Bay Group. The event was by invitation only. Steven Brown, from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida RSVP'd and was then un-invited. Click here to see the N.Olga incorporation papers. For more information about this, and other issues in this area of south Florida that is seeking to retain its rural character, see the ALVA, Inc site. The RGMC is concerned about a group with such limited membership and selective participation purporting to represent the residents of the area..

RGMC opposed "San Souci" Cape Coral urban sprawl infringing on protected lands (Dec 11, 2007)

Newspaper Editorial: "FGCU should look into options" for siting of satellite center in Charlotte County (CHARLOTTE SUN HERALD 2/1/06)

Newspaper Columnist: Regarding FGCU/Charlotte, "Another name for this is sprawl

Plans for new Bonita Wal-Mart linked to flood control proposal (NDN 7/15/05)

Bush signs bill to help pay for Florida's growth (NDN 6/25/05)

Traffic congestion reports grade worst of Lee roads (NDN 6/23/05)

Density of developer's plan concerns neighbors, county (NDN 6/23/05)

Planners: Limiting urban sprawl key to future (NDN 6/22//05)

Fort Myers Beach officials float Estero Bay bridge plan (NDN 6/21/05)

Cost of road's improvement could fall to residents, businesses (NDN 6/21/05)

County wants Bonita to scale back annexation plans (NDN 5/5/05)

Brent Batten:Plan to add lanes to I-75 still awaits toll study (NDN 5/5/05)

Fire District objects to Hideaway Cove project (NDN 5/4/05)

County wants Bonita to scale back annexation plans (NDN 5/5/05)

Final OK nears for Ronto's major East Bonita project (NDN 5/5/05)

Key lawmaker says sprawl proposal hits snag (NDN 5/4/05)

Consultants suggest Bonita could develop reserved area (NDN 5/4/05)

Vance insists meetings didn't violate Sunshine Law (NDN 5/1/05)